why institutions shuts off students
why institutions shuts off students

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Reasons Why Institutions Shuts off Students from Admission Process

Recently the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai IBBUL UNEXPECTEDLY ended their 2017/2018 Admission Screening exercise leaving the fate of students who did the JAMB Change of Institution undecided, as many felt that their money is gone.

This is a very bad issue both from the side of the Joint Admission Matriculation Board and from the Institution. Though the JAMB Registrar has given possible reasons for such errors but they haven’t provided any measures to tackle the problems.


Reasons Why Institutions Shuts off Students from Admission Process. Earlier last month September the Joint Admission Matriculation Board held a meeting with all Stakeholders, Admission Officers and Students on a Sensitisation Workshop of the JAMB Central Admission Processing known as CAPS.

Many Institutions Admission officers attended but i think only few got familiarised with the Central Admission Processing because it involves the use of Computers and only Personnel who are Computer Literate can understand the process [Pardon me for this].

Reasons Why Institutions Shuts off Students from Admission Process. According to the the JAMB ICT Consultant Shaibu Afolabi Salisu at the JAMB CAPS Sensitisation Training once institutions has fixed their cutoff marks and announced their admission screening exercise they are advised to monitor their admission process/exercise via JAMB Caps Account as the System will alert the institution on HOW MUCH ADMISSION QUOTA USEDHOW MUCH ADMISSION QUOTA OUTSTANDING & HOW MANY CANDIDATES ARE OUT THERE.

Now what the institutions [Admission Officers] are expected to do is to Download Candidates Who just Made Changes to them from JAMB Portal but many institutions neglect that others don’t even know how to download candidates or update their list, thereby leaving candidates who just made changes stranded.

Admission officers were made to understand that they cannot download candidates without setting up the below required process on the Computer:

  • Cut-Off Mark &
  • Admission Quota

Admission Officers were also told that they can either Download Candidates List Who Did Changes to them recently to them REGULARLY & ALL AT ONCE or  FOR SPECIFIC PROGROMMES [COURSES].

Admission Officers were also told by JAMB to download candidates list at most a day to their admission screening exercise. e.g If an Admission Screening Exercise is tomorrow admission officers are urged to download a day before in-order to include those who just change to them and continue updating their admission screening platform but i think most of them are really lazy as they find it difficult in performing such task.

Also some institutions shuts off candidates from being admitted by carrying out their admission screening exercise on another platform which was not recommended by JAMB, when such institutions go back to download they find it difficult or always getting error during download of candidates.

According to JAMB Registrar an institution [DELSU] told JAMB that they are not going to download any list of candidates switching over to them because they have already closed admission exercise thereby shutting out most candidates, but this was later resolved as JAMB pleaded with them to give those students a second chance and which they did.

But now in a Process whereby an Institution no longer needs candidates for a particular programme or admission quota filled up and they stop downloading what is expected of them?

In my Opinion i suggest most Admission Officers and Institutions should be in contact with their students, Create time to attend to their questions and queries and give them feedback based on your admission screening exercise.
Institution are expected to:

  1. Update Candidates on their Current Admission Quota
  2. Update Candidates on Registration Guidelines and Cut-Off Marks
  3. Update Candidates on the status of their Change of Course/Institution.
  4. Update Candidates on Registration Errors and How to Tackle them

In a case whereby Institution reaches admission quota during registration Admission officers are expected to communicate to various candidates via their Social media channels or website to either stop the Changes of Course/Institution or Give them a Possible alternative.

I plead with the Joint Admission Matriculation Board [JAMB] to look into this matter as Candidates have the right to decide which institution they wish to study and as such no Admission Officer has the authority to Shut them off either another Screening Exercise is conducted for affected students,f Better alternatives Given or a Refund of Money will be the best.

My advice to candidates who got shut off from his or her Admission Screening Exercise is to either urge the institution to re-download their candidate list on CAPS or kindly lay complaints to the Joint Admission Matriculation Board [JAMB] or if you are yet to exhaust your changes switch to other institutions still available.

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