Privacy Policies


To all members and fans of; it of necessity that you get yourself updated with our privacy policies. Though we often update them during any possible interval.

It mostly happens when new policies have been thrown into our system. But for now we recommend that you take note of these enlisted current privacy policies:

1. Every document shared with is not disclosed to any third party of any sort. Your email, name, address etc that is shared with us are extremely safe and private. it is not exposed or shared with any team of any sort.

2. This site uses cookies to track every visitors, your navigation and every single action taken on any pages on this site are tracked. However, you can always disable or clear this option via your browser.

3. This site uses IP system to track the location of every single visitors.Locations such as Country, and even local address. unfortunately, no visitor have any control or power over this.

Also, it is good to know that your location is not shared with anyone.

4. Ads displayed on this site by 3rd parties such Google etc. These displayed ads use cookies also to track the details of every single visitor on this site.

it is also important to know that has no control or power over the information tracked by this ads.

If you want to know more about the privacy policies of this 3rd party(Google) we recommend you visit their website to read more about their terms and get yourself updated.

5. Every article or post found on this site is new and unique, not copied from anywhere.

Thus any copy-written or piracy of our content is prohibited. If noted we are liable to take any legal action upon your site as authorized by DCMS, and your site will be taken off the search engine.