mtn nigeria 2017/18 foundation scholarships
mtn nigeria 2017/18 foundation scholarships

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MTN Nigeria 2017/18 Foundation Scholarships- [MTNF-STSS & MTNF-SBSS] | Apply Now

Nigeria’s Largest Telecommunications Network MTN Nigeria is delighted to announced the commencement of the Foundation 8th phase of the MTNF Science & Technology Scholarship Scheme (MTNF-STSS), and the 6th phase of the MTNF Scholarship Scheme for Blind Students (MTNF-SBSS). This is in furtherance of MTN Nigeria’s commitment to enhance learning and to add value to the education sector in Nigeria.



MTN Nigeria 2017/18 Foundation Scholarships, MTNF provides these annual scholarships worth N200, 000.00 to eligible students who are studying a science related discipline and blind students studying any discipline under the MTNF-STSS and MTNF-SSBS respectively from public Universities, Colleges of Education and Polytechnics in Nigeria. In addition, Students on the scholarship schemes who maintain the required grades would have their scholarships renewed annually (Meet your departmental head if you are an existed beneficiary).


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To this end, MTNF is inviting applications from 3rd year (300 Level) Science and Technology students in the institutions with minimum CGPA of 3.5(2nd Class Upper) or its equivalent to apply for the 8th phase of the MTNF-STSS. Likewise, 2nd and 3rd year blind students with minimum CGPA of 2,5 out of 5 or its equivalent are invited to apply for the 6th phase of the MTN-SBSS.

Interested students should apply online at before the closing date of Monday, October 9, 


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